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Printing on notebooks in Kyiv

A notebook is a universal writing accessory that comes in various sizes, types, shapes, and colors. That is why the notebook is ideal as a gift for both children and adults.

Notebooks with a logo

Before entering the market and starting to print notebooks to order, we carefully studied consumer demand. It turned out that formats  under the numbers are more popular:

  • A6 (105x148 mm);

  • A5 (148x210 mm);

  • A4 (210x297 mm);

  • as well as a variety of unusual mini-forms.

Our company takes the interests and wishes of its clients as a basis, so it uses these formats for the production of notebooks. We print creative notebooks of all required formats, for example 60x100 mm. They can be the most diverse and unusual! All the modifications presented by us have different filling, used materials, value and design. Each model has excellent performance quality and a unique creative design from a team of artists and designers. In addition, we work according to the client's designs. You can send us your individual branding by logo, which must be printed on  the cover or notebook pages. It is worth noting that such a variant of corporate souvenirs is in special demand, because such a writing accessory will always find use in everyday life. You will only need to send the logo of your company and the text that we need to print on the company pages of the notebook. If you do not have a ready-made layout, our specialists will work on it according to your wishes and tastes. We will need very little time to make notebooks according to your samples and with your symbols applied, and in a few days the finished branded edition will be carefully packed and sent to your city or office. The cost of making individual notebooks according to your wishes will depend on the complexity and content.

Notebook as a gift

A notebook is a universal gift! You ask why? Such a writing accessory will not just collect dust in the closet, but will be actively used. In addition, by creating your own unique layout, you will show a creative approach that will not go unnoticed. You can give a notebook not only to your relatives and friends. It will be a great gift for colleagues, teachers, superiors, instructors, employees and others.  

You can order from us the production of a notebook as a gift according to your own wishes. To do this, you will need to choose:

  • format (standard or individual);

  • desired size;

  • the required number of sheets and their color;

  • presence/absence of layout;

  • printing a logo or print on the cover or in the block itself;

  • method of fastening (a metal Wario spiral (the color can also be selected), a metal bracket or any other);

  • the presence/absence of the possibility of tear-off sheets;

  • coating of the front side (matte or glossy lamination);

  • soft/hard binding;

  • whether or not to print any additional information;

  • whether it is necessary to put some drawing or symbols on the cover or pages;

  • cover material.

I would like to dwell on the last point in more detail. For example,

  • leather covers have a stylish and beautiful look, last a long time and are perfect for a gift for a man; 

  • for lovers of natural products and defenders of nature, we will be happy to provide gift eco-notebooks with logos, which are made of 100% pure ecological cardboard or recycled material;

  • for active people who often take notes on the go, we are ready to offer notebooks with a super hard cover. They are made of double cardboard of increased strength and perfectly replace the plane of the table.

Complete with a gift notebook, you can order a souvenir pen, bookmark-ribbon or rubber-fixing rubber from us. If desired, we can also apply your company's logo or emblem to these items. This will complement the gift as much as possible, turning it into something unusual and special. Printing on notebooks in Kiev is carried out in a few days. The term depends on the complexity of the work and the ordered edition. There are no impossible or difficult tasks for us. 

Why is it more profitable to order corporate notebooks with logos from us?

Only with us, the order of a notebook with its own symbols is provided in the full cycle of service, starting from the stage of creating a design and ending with sending the finished edition to you. On our website, you can place an order yourself, having familiarized yourself with the presented models and choosing the option you like. Our specialists help not only at the stage of selection and registration, but also answer any questions, help draw up a contract, specifications and much more. Only from us you will get excellent quality, fast printing of branded notebooks with the necessary logo and delivery throughout Ukraine. We do not chase quantity, but strive to maintain high quality. It is important for us to retain existing clients and attract new ones, so we constantly improve our technologies and knowledge in the field of book printing. Our reputation is important to us, so we do everything to ensure that the client remains satisfied and comes back to us again! 

How to make an order and how much does it cost to print?

You can place an order for printing notebooks in Kyiv in three ways:

  1. on our website;

  2. by phone;

  3. by e-mail,

  4. in any convenient messenger.

We have many years of experience in the printing industry of Ukraine and we guarantee that thanks to the use of high-tech equipment and imported raw materials, you will receive high-quality notebooks. Our modern printing house allows us to produce corporate and souvenir notebooks with various prints, the final price of which will pleasantly surprise you.

Only from us you can buy branded notebooks for business with a logo cheaply and wholesale throughout Ukraine. Delivery is carried out by qualified logisticians who guarantee timeliness and accuracy in the execution of orders. Do not worry about the safety and quality of the packaging. We will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the result regardless of weather conditions. 

If you need an urgent seal with your own drawing and inscription, don't waste time searching! Our online store is designed for such tasks and will complete them in the shortest possible time!


The history of the appearance of the notebook

Today, the notebook as a separate written object is no more than 200 years old. His story begins in the small French town of Touré, where the owner of a middle-class family decided to improve the material condition of her family. She set herself the goal of producing notebooks that consist of a block of blank sheets united by a common cover. The first notebooks instantly spread to various French cities and villages. They were appreciated not only by representatives of the highest nobility, but also by ordinary people who used them to record important moments and other information. At that time, the French elite used notebooks for writing various love notes, poems and confessions. Notebooks with elegant covers decorated with miniature paintings were made for them. For the poorer strata of society, notebooks were made from the remnants of book production. Gradually, the convenience of using notebooks spread around the world. They attracted wealthy people and poor people, merchants and travelers, judges and usurers, housewives and schoolchildren. Even the famous American writer Mark Twain appreciated the usefulness of the notebook and improved it with perforation so that the sheets could be torn out easily and evenly.

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