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MOODua is a Ukrainian startup, a platform
for business gifts.

In short, we are like Google, but in a corporate
gifts field.

We create corporate gifts meaning we work with wholesale orders from 10 pieces.

We launched the marketplace in September of 2020. Since then, we’ve gathered a large base of Ukrainian top manufacturers, conducted many surveys, and interviewed companies to improve our product. That’s why all issues companies struggle with while choosing gifts are familiar to us: ideas search, working with multiple conductors simultaneously, deadlines, limited budget, expectations that don’t meet reality, fails in colors after printing, and many more.


We’re willing to take the burden of those problems off of your shoulders so employees’ and clients’ congratulation is pleasant and enjoyable for you. To provide that we lead you through the whole process from idea to delivery of branded gift right to the recipient.

Our support includes:

your company’s holiday calendar;

selection of creative gift ideas relevant to your values;

visualization of ideas with your branding;

product samples so you can personally check the quality of the product before ordering the batch;


producing and packaging your gifts;

delivery across Ukraine and abroad.

What you need to
know about MOODua?

For your convenience, you can pay for gifts in hryvnias, dollars or euros.

Each client has a personal assistant who manages their orders and reminds of the holidays in advance.

If the product you would like to gift is not on the website, we will find it for you.

If you have any ideas, even the most bizarre once, we will help to bring them into life.

You pay only for gifts by the manufacturer's price and branding, our services are free.


Each of the MOODua team:
Our values

Craves innovations and experiments



Treats your gifts as

their own

Moves fast

Honest in life


Not afraid

be funny

or eccentric

Our mission

Create a new corporate culture in Ukraine. The type of culture that makes people feel that the company thinks of them and not the other way around. The culture in which you can show care, gratitude, and love for your employees, customers, and partners through personalized gifts.

Careful, here's a spoiler:

Download an unlimited list of employees

Personalize gifts for everyone

Send to different addresses

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We develop algorithms for artificial intelligence that can automatically choose the best gift for each employee, partner, client according to their interests and hobbies.

In three clicks you can:

All this can be integrated into your CRM system to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. Follow our news on the website, Instagram and LinkedIn , soyou don't miss the opportunity to be the first to test the technology!


+380 63 867 6328



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