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Printing on pens in Kyiv

Pens with a logo are quite a popular product, which is also used as a souvenir.

Corporate pens with the names of organizations and companies are an indispensable attribute when conducting various marketing events. Similar advertising events are usually very successful. Branded pens at events are part of the handout. They are used by absolutely all people, without exception, because the pen is not only a running pen, but also the most sought-after stationery product. Therefore, placing the name of your company and its contacts is a very competent marketing move that allows you to increase the recognition of your organization. This is the so-called hidden advertising, which contributes to a significant increase in the number of your customers.

A pen with the logo of your organization, in addition to increasing the recognition of the company, will ensure an increase in the level of trust of people towards it, since from a psychological point of view, gifts attract people to the senders. Such pens can be purchased for presenting a present  to clients, during various exhibitions, presentations, seminars, promotions.

Our pens are purchased from the best, top manufacturers of stationery. They are distinguished by their reliability and creative approach. Printing on pens is performed on innovative equipment that corresponds to the high quality of applied inscriptions and pictures.

Printing on pens: possible options and how much it costs

Companies very often order souvenir fountain pens with exclusive inscriptions and prints.

We will print on pens in Kiev quickly, qualitatively and at an affordable price with delivery to different cities of Ukraine.

Our assortment includes a huge number of different pens, including cardboard biodegradable pens, which have recently become a bestseller, given the public's interest in protecting the environment, as well as metal pens of premium quality, and the most popular and affordable model is a plastic pen.

The selection offered by us will easily satisfy the most demanding customers. Our managers will be happy to help you choose the most suitable model among ballpoint or gel pens and carry out their branding.

Placing your organization's brand name on such a pen will ensure incredible success for all actions and events with similar handouts. After all, such pens combine practicality, functionality and style.

You can choose any color and shape of the pen, or choose a basic white pen and we will apply color to it using a special printing method.

For holding mass promotions and events, we can offer you inexpensive models of plastic handles, they are presented in more than ten bright shades, from which you will certainly be able to choose your corporate colors. Plastic pens with a logo are practical and cheap!

In our organization, you can order pens in bulk, check the conditions of such an order with our managers. The cost of a wholesale order will be much lower.

For individual, private cases, you can order a metal pen and put an exclusive inscription on it, for example, as a gift to a manager or colleagues. Engraving on such a pen is carried out with a laser. Such a gift is unforgettable and very valuable, since it is personalized. He will definitely emphasize your good attitude and deep respect for the person, and will definitely be appreciated!

Variants of the offered handles are very diverse: wooden, plastic, metal handles, with or without a clip. Their price is very reasonable.

Some models of pens, the circulation of which is limited, are also presented in our store.

Choose any pen from the ones presented - we will quickly apply the necessary inscriptions according to your individual orders. If necessary, we will make the product urgently.

Advantages of placing an order with us

By placing an order with us, you will receive:

  • Printing on quality pens from the best manufacturers at the best price;

  • Timely printing, the ability to fulfill urgent orders in the shortest possible time and fast delivery;

  • Products of excellent quality with accurate reproduction of the colors of the logo and inscriptions;

  • Ability to buy any edition;

  • Production of printing in any place of the pen;

  • Ability to make an order online;

  • The order is made in the shortest possible time;

  • A large assortment of various forms and materials;

  • We offer printing on ballpoint pens at the best price, from leading European companies specializing in stationery.

  • Help in making original layouts with your branding.

  • The opportunity to receive a free sample of the product before deciding on the order of the entire circulation.

  • Individual consultation on any issues.

A pen with an inscription to order. How to print a logo.

If you need to inexpensively print a logo to order, we will be happy to do it. Our manager will select a pen option that is suitable for you, taking into account your color preferences, as well as preferences for shape, size, material of manufacture, and offering the desired price range. If necessary, he will advise and show various available options, as well as recommend the most popular and popular models.

If there is no ready-made layout of the logo or inscription, we will create it for you in several versions, all you have to do is choose the one you like best or make your own edits. We will take into account all your wishes and offer original ideas.

Payment is made only for the version that you have approved and approved for printing.

The terms of urgent printing, the purchase of pens in bulk, as well as the terms of delivery are negotiated with the manager additionally.


Ballpoint pen: history of creation

Life without a ballpoint pen in the conditions of modern reality is simply impossible to imagine. However, relatively recently, it was a novelty and was just beginning to appear in people's everyday life.

A person, regardless of time, was always engaged in drawing and writing, using for this purpose different objects at different intervals of time. So, earlier, ancient people used sharp stones, twisted skin or sharp parts of it, then they began to use feathers, etc.

At the end of the 19th century, the American Lewis Edson Waterman, being an insurer by profession, created the first pen that needed to be refilled with ink. This event caused an incredible excitement in society, since constantly carrying ink with you was inconvenient and quite embarrassing. The downside of such a pen was that the ink took a very long time to dry. However, progress did not stand still: already in the thirties of the 20th century, László Biro, who is a journalist, understood a seemingly elementary thing: a pen can be filled with ink that dries quickly and does not wear out quickly. Such a thought came to him while observing printing presses. However, the ink for typography was thick enough, so he invented a ball that, when pressed, began to spin, applying a very thin layer of paint. This is how such an invention as a ballpoint pen appeared!

American pilots were the first to test such a handle, who noted that it flows and does not spill when moving and at altitude.

Now it is a common object of modern human life, which is used daily. Therefore, a pen with the symbols of your company is one of the most successful marketing moves available.

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