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Order stickers with a logo 

Using branded stickers is an effective marketing solution. The printing of labels and stickers allows you to convey information about the brand to the consumer, increase trust in the product and mark its individuality. Ordering stickers with the company's logo is a great way to draw attention to the promoted brand and stimulate consumer interest.

What are the advantages of making stickers?

Label printing is successfully used by marketers. This tool helps to achieve high results, it has a number of advantages:

  • Profitability. Expenses for printing stickers in Kiev are quickly paid off. High-tech equipment makes it possible to manufacture products quickly and with minimal costs.

  • The possibility of implementing sticker marketing taking into account seasonality. You can order printing in Kyiv in the test version. A minimum trial run, design variability, design adaptation and volume of production are available, taking into account the needs of the business.

  • Flexibility of marketing policy. Custom-made stickers are made taking into account the interests of a specific audience.

  • The logo sticker allows you to show creativity when conducting an advertising campaign. The design possibilities in this area are limitless. Stickers with a logo can be of different shapes. Any color, texture and size variations are available.

  • High efficiency. Printing colored stickers is the easiest way to get a response from the audience quickly and with minimal costs.

  • Extensive regional coverage. Ordering printed products for placement on packages with food products, bags, packages and stationery ensures the widest distribution of information about the brand.

  • Affordable price.

  • Possibility of using the method in combination with other effective methods. You can make an interesting advertising move — a sticker from the company as a gift for the first hundred subscribers to the newsletter.

  • An excellent option for establishing contact with potential buyers (customers, clients). Self-adhesive pictures are an opportunity to easily and cheaply establish a relationship with the consumer of the product.

  • Printing stickers in Kyiv is an additional business direction. It is possible to buy a large batch of stickers inexpensively and then sell them to buyers.

Production of stickers with corporate symbols

Printing branded stickers with your logo is a great marketing move. Such a solution has many advantages:

  • You can order packaging of stickers and labels with advertising text. In this case, the sticker combines an advertising task with a decorative function. The cost of such a solution is minimal, and the effectiveness is high.

  • The company's ability to clearly declare the achievements and advantages of the brand with the help of a label.

  • It is easy to draw the audience into the atmosphere of the company with a high-quality drawing.

  • Mailing of stickers by mail, presentation to clients and partners, encouraging buyers, self-adhesive pictures on cars — all these ways will quickly spread information about the product.

  • The multi-functionality of interior stickers. They work as pointers, decorative elements, advertising tools.

Competent use of printed products means building an effective marketing policy, creating an effective algorithm. A printing house with a good reputation and solid experience in the service market will help make stickers and labels that will give the maximum result.

Professional equipment will allow you to quickly and efficiently perform the required image on any material. The printing direction includes the production of several types of products.

The sticker is double-layered. The adhesive layer contains the image, and the paper layer prevents sticking. It is made of film or paper. Stickers and labels are also stickers, but with the name of the brand and the date of manufacture of the product.

Spheres of application of printing production

Stickers, stickers and labels are used in many industries. A stylish, original image performs several tasks at the same time: decoration, information, advertising.

The meaning of stickers is related to the peculiarity of human perception: the customer makes a purchase decision in the first few seconds after looking at the packaging. This is due to the high efficiency of placing the sticker on the container itself. Stickers placed on vehicles, windows, and shop windows work well.

Assortment of printing products

The modern market offers a wide selection of stickers, stickers and labels. The most popular formats:

  • A3 is a common option that allows you to mark packing boxes, cases, and mark information on parcels.

  • A4 is a popular business solution that allows you to illustrate the product, inform about the quality, issue price tags.

  • A5 is a comfortable model of branded stickers. It is widely used during election campaigns and party activities. Such a sticker should be used to decorate the packaging material of food products, hygiene products, and pharmaceutical preparations.

  • A6 is a common format that allows you to place a company logo, decorate interior elements, furniture, backpacks and travel bags.

  • 90x50 mm is a popular advertising format that allows for a variety of glossy, vinyl, matte and transparent stickers.

  • 100x70 mm is an effective model for advertising. You can add a slogan, a comic, a bright image. They can be transparent, dense, matte.

  • 210x100 mm is a popular solution for any business sphere.

Where can I order printing of stickers?

You can place an order for printing products at a printing house with an impeccable reputation and extensive experience. Qualified staff will help you choose the best solution for your business, determine how many copies will be enough for the first order. A wide range of rectangular, round, non-standard stickers and labels with any type of design is available in the best quality, cheaply and quickly.

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