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Welcome box

To help new employees get used to their place faster and feel part of the company, the work team can express its friendliness with the help of a branded set of useful little things - a welcome box for new employees. Such sets can be ordered in bulk, and the logo of any company can be applied to the package.

Usually, companies give such sets with useful things, or simply presents as a sign of attention to people who just got a new job and plan to spend their first working day at a new job. This will not only encourage the employee if he finds it difficult to get used to his new job, but will also create a positive image for the company. Caring for employees is the prerogative of every successful company. 

Such gifts are not expensive: by ordering on our website, you can already save more, but even the most useful and practical things can be purchased at the most favorable price. 

Advantages of a branded welcome pack for new employees

In addition to increasing the corporate spirit with the help of mugs, notebooks, pens and other accessories with its own logo, the company also receives:

  • An exceptionally positive image that will be imprinted in the memories of employees from the first seconds. Specialists become more loyal after receiving such a gift, are ready to work harder and establish further trust relations with their new place of employment.

  • Employees get used to the team faster, which improves teamwork.

  • Creating a corporate spirit, which is easily helped by boxing.

You can buy a set for beginners with branded products in bulk, which will allow you to provide the company and the influx of new employees with accompanying gifts for a long time. Every employer who wants to show attention and authority to his employees, and receive in return respect and motivation for long years of joint work, should think about buying a welcome box for a new employee.

Welcome sets with a logo are a great solution also because former and new employees of various companies are increasingly leaving reviews on the Internet about their new or former workplace. In this case, it is important for the company to receive as many positive evaluations and approvals as possible, and it is important for the general public to see the internal situation in the company. The more friendly and positive she seems to people, the better. That is why similar sets will help create a positive attitude among specialists, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the reputation of any company.

Types of branded gifts in the welcome box

Any velcam box can consist of many interesting things, both useful and just pleasant. It is customary to create such sets of pleasures, for example, coffee and tea with sweets, as well as business paraphernalia: mouse pads, organizers, notebooks and calendars. You can order such gifts in bulk. It will be no less important to present your surprise correctly:

  • Will take care of neat, presentable packaging, not forgetting about officiality. A person should feel that the welcome kit is given to him not just by the personnel department, but by the entire organization.

  • Don't overlook the attitude of the team and the surrounding atmosphere. It is better to call all employees who will interact with the employee in the near future and hand him a welcome box for a new employee in a festive atmosphere.

  • If there is time, you can arrange a small tea party together with the entire team during work or lunch in order to continue acquaintance and better adapt the newcomer to the superiors and colleagues.

A welcome kit with a logo is suitable for creating a first positive impression that will work for the company for a long time. Not every competent boss is ready from the very beginning of work to spend money on ordering special gift sets, therefore, it is better to buy them in bulk at once.

Corporate gifts for new employees include caps, sweatshirts, printing products, mugs and pens, as well as tea or coffee with sweets or other goodies, which are useful not only at work, but also in everyday life. At the same time, the company logo will not only look stylish, but also remind the employee of his new corporation, where he is always welcome and where his presence is appreciated. 

How profitable is it to buy a welcome pack for new employees?

The easiest way is to contact our company, choose one of the offered sets with a logo, then choose the desired design option together with the designer and receive your order as soon as possible. You can also assemble similar boxes on the site yourself using the ready-made set designer. The advantages of purchasing welcome sets from us are:

  • The opportunity to make a large wholesale order at the most favorable conditions for all conditions

  • Each item will be manufactured and branded specifically for your company

  • It is possible to expand the sets presented in the portfolio to correspond to the field of work of the firm. 

We offer you right now to take advantage of the opportunity to profitably order welcome boxes for your employees with a logo on our website, or call the phone number and contact the manager directly.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can write your wishes in the application form on the site, and our specialists will help you. After all, the site presents a far from complete list of all available goods and available to order boxes for new employees!

Our specialists will not only help to create aesthetic and presentable products, which may look like a full-fledged branded product from an expensive store, but will also quickly process your application and promptly send your order.

We have been working in the field of branding and production of welcome sets for more than a year, therefore, we have experience in cooperation with the largest companies. Almost any product can be made to order, because branding is easily applied to most things. These can even be thermal mugs or cup holders. At the same time, we choose only quality products: all logos are applied exclusively to quality products.

The customer can make his own corrections, because we understand how important it is to present his organization in a positive way, and how necessary it is to make a box for the greats according to his own, unique pattern. 

You can ask for advice on any question: we will even help with the choice of products and the composition of the kit, if the client asks for it.

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