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Thermal mug with print

In any season, drinks play an essential role in our life. In the summer we want a cooling lemonade, and in the winter we prefer hot tea or coffee. In order for the liquid to maintain its temperature for a long time, it is advisable to use a thermos. A thermos cup is also suitable. These containers will allow you to enjoy a drink that will not cool or, on the contrary, heat up.

A modern branded thermos cup is an excellent gift that can be presented to any person, please him, and put him in a good mood. The present can be given to a calm office worker or a person who enjoys an active lifestyle. The product will not sit idle on the shelf: it will be used regularly, tea, cold water, and various drinks will be poured into it.

You can buy wholesale or retail thermal mugs and order a logo, make an inscription, apply a print, any pattern on the surface to make a truly special and unique gift.

Printing on thermal mugs is advertising that works

A thermal mug with a print is one of the gifts that is considered universal. Ego can be presented to a loved one or presented to a colleague, partner, client. You can order wholesale production of thermal mugs, apply the company logo. Each model will be unique: it will have a special color, its own volume, capacity, shape, practical features and even material. Choose the ideal option that will be suitable for presenting a promotional product at one or another corporate event, delighting colleagues and partners with a functional souvenir that will be printed with your product, logo or other attributes of the company.

Such branding is well suited to make your company popular and recognizable. When a person sees the same symbol many times, he has a natural interest to learn more about it, to read on the Internet what this company does. A thermal mug with a logo can become a worthy advertising medium that unobtrusively spreads information about the brand. Here are its main advantages:

  • coverage of a large audience;

  • advertising of a brand, logo or individual product;

  • low cost of production.

A souvenir copy can be made separately for a special partner whom you value or for VIP clients.

Be that as it may, the seal on thermal mugs has an individual character. You can talk to specialists in advance, discuss what you want to see on the surface of the product. With their help, you will choose a print that will be universal for both partners and clients.

What types of thermal mugs are there?

In our company, you can choose to print on thermal mugs and glasses made of various materials. Thermo mugs with a logo are divided into types according to the materials:

  1. Plastic. This is an inexpensive and practical option. The products retain heat or cool temperatures quite well, are light in weight and have a low cost.

  2. Ceramic. An ideal option for those who appreciate unusual products with a stylish design. On the surface, the image will last as long as possible, will not rub off or wash off. This is indeed a souvenir product that should be kept on the shelf and used on special occasions, as ceramics are quite fragile.

  3. Metallic. These are cups that will serve for more than one hour. They are durable, reliable, high-quality. In addition, they look solid and stylish, emphasize the importance of your company.

  4. From environmentally friendly materials. Such a branded thermal mug is ideal for those who love nature and defend its protection. Such a cup will be no worse than from other materials, it will keep the temperature.

You can also choose a product by shape. There are mugs with or without a handle, in the form of a glass. This can be a product that resembles a coffee pot.

What are the methods of printing on thermal mugs?

When printing photos on cups, it is important to consider the material from which they are made. For example, metal products can retain heat longer. Vacuum models with a double metal body are considered to be the most resistant to maintaining the optimal temperature.

Printing on a thermal mug is carried out in several ways:

  1. Ultraviolet. This method gives bright shades and colorful patterns on the surface of the products. At the same time, the circulation must be at least 10 pieces or more.

  2. Full-color insert technology. It is suitable for mugs that have a body made of a special transparent plastic.

  3. Engraving or pad printing. Suitable for metal products that are produced in quantities of at least 50 pieces.

  4. Sublimation. This is a popular and widespread method that works like a "transfer". The image is "imposed" on the surface using a press. With the help of sublimation, you can create a whole batch of cups or order individual products.

There is one more option - a seal called "chameleon". The outside of the cup has one color. But it immediately changes its color when hot liquid is poured into it. Not only that, the pattern begins to appear on the walls. It can be a logo, a product photo, or any other image. Such a cup is decorated with special heat-sensitive paint. When the product cools down, it becomes monotonous again.

A high-quality printed print does not rub off or wash off. This means that the mug can be taken care of in the usual way. A circle or any other geometric figure with a monochrome logo can be drawn on it, as well as a full-color picture or photo. Shades will not change over time, they will remain as bright and saturated, if you follow all the rules of care.


How to prepare a print layout for applying to a thermal mug?

To purchase thermal mugs with a logo, it is advisable to prepare a print layout:

  • picture format is accepted - jpg, pdf, cdr, eps or tiff;

  • the color profile is CMYK;

  • photo resolution must be 300 dpi or higher;

  • the parameters of the printed field will depend on the shape of the product.

You can buy a branded thermal mug to order in the city of Kyiv. Designers will work on your image, make it clearer and brighter. You can order the creation of an individual design.

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