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and payment

We work with your order turnkey: from idea to delivery to the recipient. Our team will draw up the logistics at the provided addresses, and couriers will personally deliver gifts to recipients and send your greetings.

Not sure what the recipient's address is or whether it's convenient to receive a gift at a particular time? Don't worry and leave all the technical issues to our team. We will clarify the recipient's address, convenient delivery time, and other nuances.

How do we calculate the shipping price?

Копія Корпоративна пропозиція від MOODua 2023 (1).png

Warehousing service

Warehouse in Ukraine— $30 for 1 m³.

Warehouse in Poland— $40 for 1 m³.

Копія Корпоративна пропозиція від MOODua 2023.png


Services for postal packaging, creation of invoices, sending, tracking and work with problem cases:


$2shipping across Ukraineand.

$4sending abroad.

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Adding your own

The cost of addition is 15% of the product estimate.

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Convenient payment by card, account or cash in hryvnias. dollars and euros (other currencies are also possible).

Possibility to pay to a company registered in Poland. 


Shipping cost. 


The cost of mailboxes.


MOODua elf services. 


To make your gifts meet your expectations, we create personal samples just for you and provide a photo report before delivery.

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